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Japan is a land of incredible contrasts – from neon skylines and ancient castles to serene shrines and speeding bullet trains, a tour of the Land of the Rising Sun never fails to fascinate. With us, travel to Japan in style, staying in the country’s finest hotels and enjoying insider access opportunities rarely available to the ordinary traveler.The greatest appeal of studying in japan is its academic environment where one can study state of the art technology.

First you need to find the school that suits you . Just in Tokyo, there are more than 160 language schools where you may apply for a student visa and if you consider also other cities. like kyoto,osaka,nagoyo etc .. choosing the right school can be very hard. To be  able to enroll in a Japanese language school, uni or higher education institution, you must apply for student visa. The person who will apply for a student visa , must provide the japanese consulate in his / her country with the following documentation.

: A valid passport.

: Passport size picture.

: Certificate of eligibility.


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